The Journey

Step 1: Meet and Greet

The Meet and Greet is an informal meeting where we'd like to take the time to get to know you and your family. During this time it is important for us to discuss your ideas and plans as we like to let your dreams drive the design process so that we can turn those into reality.  


This can be held in our boardroom or onsite, whichever is more feasible.

*services not available in all areas. Fee subject to change dependant on site location.

Step 2: Sketch Design

After the 'Meet and Greet', we will venture into the sketch design stage. This is where we will explore conceptual floor layouts and style of the house upon paper and our design programs.


Refining ideas are to be expected during this stage. When designing we will take into account all local town planning requirements and building codes.

Step 3: Design Development

This is where conceptual sketches and ideas will be implemented within the required documentation. Elevations, perspectives and finishes will be discussed with budgets in mind.


If the project needs a Development Approval, it is in this stage where we will start to communicate with the engaged town planner to ensure a smoother approval process.

Step 4: Preliminary Working Drawings

In this stage, we will further the 'Design Development' documentation to a level where we send out to the required services for coordination. 


When engaging coordinating services we do like to use our trusted professionals that we may have previously worked with.


If you already had a company or someone in mind, please do not hesitate to forward on their fee proposal to us, so that we can ensure their scope of works is correct and of a price suitable to whats being proposed.

Step 5: Final Working Drawings

After coordination has been completed, all documentation will be forwarded onto the certifier where a Building Approval will be obtained. From this point, we will ensure that the documentation is construction ready for the appointed builder to make start on the building process. 


We will also assist the appointed builder with any request for information items throughotut the build process to ensure the design intent is maintained.