Whats the difference  between a Building Design and an Architect?

You could easily be forgiven for not knowing the difference between the two, ultimately the difference lies between the qualification and registration prerequisites.


 A Building Designer once know as a draftsman, due to the fact that their expertise was once just detailing and drafting the architect's designs. However, these days the scope of works has evolved and now carry the same provisions as an architect i.e. designing and contract administration, providing the legal administration requirements have been met.



To obtain an open building license in Queensland, you are required to complete a tertiary qualification in building design and have two years of work experience.


Architects, on the other hand, have a longer process, usually, the University Degree is 4 years followed by a 1 year Masters course and two years of work experience.

However to become a registered Architect they would need to sit in front of the Architects State Board, where they would be interviewed and examined. Now after all of this process can they give themselves the title Architect.



The two are equally as good, both legally being able to offer you the services required, but it is wise to do your research as with anything as not all companies are trusted or have the skill asset best tailored to your project.



So what route should you take, architect or building designer? Obviously there is a big difference between the two when it comes to qualifications, and maybe your thinking higher the qualification the better they are? To put it simply, no not necessarily. The extra years of going down the architectural route are due to the extra subjects covering legality, history, and contract administration. 



Before choosing anyone, we advise you to look into the company and look thoroughly at what their expertise is within the building design field. What is there history, preferred style, company vision, customer reviews? It would also very important to make sure they have the time for you.


There will and should be a lot of communication going back and forth during the whole process, so it best be with someone you believe has the best interest in your project.



Should you, however, require any additional information or have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to contact us as it can be quite a complicated concept and as building designers ourselves it can be very hard not to come across biased.